10 Questions Self Test

Please answer the questions below to self-assess your present level of life skills.

The primary objective of the self-test is to get a reading on where you stand now. Generally, objective measurements such as these are more reliable indicators of strengths and weaknesses than, say, a friend’s global impression.

You should interpret your scores as general tendencies rather than precise descriptions.

Answer quickly and try not to think about how you ought to be. After answering each question below, click Submit. Your score will be calculated and discussed.

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I know right away when I'm angry or sad.

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I think before I act.

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I can relax my body when I'm stressed.

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I'm good at problem solving.

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When interrupted, I'll manage to continue speaking.

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I keep the number of tasks I take on to a level I can easily manage.

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In disagreements, I only focus on one problem at a time.

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In disagreements, I realize I could be wrong.

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I try to listen first, then reach conclusions.

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When people important to me mispronounce a word, I say nothing.

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