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WLS around the World

 The program developed in the USA was translated into several languages and adapted for various cultures.

Overview of the Skills

The multimodal program helps you to learn and practice efficient stress management and communication skills.

Scientific Background

Scientific evidence confirms the beneficial effects of the trainings in reducing perceived stress, hostility, anxiety and depression, and improving coping skills.

Books on WLS

Virginia Williams and Redford Williams have published several books summarizing their program.

Welcome to Williams Lifeskills

We provide hands-on training designed to provide people with the skills they need to lead healthier, happier lives at work and at home.

I’m Worth It! ™

When you’re in a situation where you’ve determined you have negative thoughts and feelings, yet you’re not sure if you want to do something about it…or you’re pretty sure you DO want to do something, but you’re not sure it’s the best idea…it’s time to use this technique.

Here’s How It Works!

First: Record the objective Facts of the Scene. What can you see and hear that would hold up as evidence in a court of law?

Then: Ask yourself the following four questions:

  • Is this matter Important to me?
    Is what I am feeling and/or thinking
  • Appropriate to the facts of the situation?
  • Is this situation Modifiable in a positive way?
  • When I balance the needs of others and myself, is taking action Worth it?